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Friday, November 24, 2017 - 01:33 UTC

• New details revealed about N. Korean's daring defection
• Dreamers protest during NYC Thanksgiving Parade
• Balloon pops at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
• Deputy saves choking woman during traffic stop
• Congressman says Capitol Police will investigate nude image incident
• Slain Baltimore cop was to testify on corruption
• Sheriff reveals more details about shots fired by Vegas gunman
• South Korea celebrates annual college exams
• Ominous development in hunt for missing sub
• Remaining 2 victims of Pa. nursing home fire found

•  Why Do Leftists Panic Over Uncle Bob's Thanksgiving Trump Talk? They're Provincial Cowards.
•  Two More Women Accuse Franken Of Inappropriate Touching
•  North Carolina clerk fired after allegedly beating robber
•  Bitcoin: an Unknowable Bubble?
•  Political media engulfed by sexual harassment crisis
Allegations as impactful as legal convictions and still not a word about how women also use sexuality as a weapon in this warlock hunt
•  This is effing BS! Why the hell are we paying taxes to indulge in the delusion's of the mentally ill?!?!?
•  Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People
•  Foreign worker loophole: Businesses say South Carolina officials ignored complaints
•  Police can request your DNA from genetic testing companies even if you never used one
•  Sex, Power, and Consent: How to Interpret the Media Frenzy Around Sexual Assault
•  Moore: Gloria Allred's Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are 'Completely Untrue'
•  One-Third of 214 Arrested MS-13 Gangsters Were 'Unaccompanied Alien Children'
•  This 1972 Porsche 911T sold for $93K on BaT yesterday
•  Porsche 911 GT2 RS, The apex of automotive psychotropics
•  Many Words On the Porsche 911 GT2 RS
•  Why Everyone Should Do What WikiLeaks Did
•  Slate: Al Franken Should Resign Immediately
•  Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There's Nothing Funny About It
•  ICE cracks down on MS-13
•  Fisker has filed patents for solid-state batteries
•  Why? Pilot arrested after loaded gun found in carry-on
•  Sessions open to naming special counsel to probe Clinton Foundation
•  Privacy fears over artificial intelligence as crimestopper
•  Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core
•  The TSA is a pathetic failure
•  Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are richer than poorest HALF of US
•  The TSA is completely unnecessary. Let's go back to the owners of the assets having to protect them.
•  Trump Planning Executive Order to Unravel Obamacare's Individual Mandate
•  First Comey Memo Concluded Hillary Was "Grossly Negligent," Punishable By Jail
•  Kim Dotcom Wins Settlement from New Zealand Police for 2012 Raid
•  "Globalist corporations want cheap labor, and the progressive Left wants cheap votes"
•  Best states for concealed carry: AZ first, CA last, NY sucks pretty badly too.
•  Krieger Rants "Washington D.C. Is Swarming With Unaccountable Parasites"
•  13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller
•  Google Docs 'terms of service violation' affecting users
•  Poll: 71% of Americans Say Political Correctness Has Silenced Discussions
•  Want to work in Hollywood? Here's the kind of nondisclosure agreements you have to sign first
Binding arbitration and NDAs aren't just for Hollywood, you know.
•  New exploit exposes Wi-Fi encryption WPA and WPA-2
•  Porsche Links

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