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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - 03:18 UTC

• Putin denies having dirt on Trump in heated Fox interview
• Former FBI lawyer interviewed again about texts
• Bryce Harper wins Home Run Derby at Nationals Park
• Judge halts deportation of reunified families
• Woman shares story of survival after driving off California cliff
• Manhunt underway after deputy shot at traffic stop
• Video shows father with young son threatening subway rider with knife
• China files WTO challenge to US $200B tariff plan
• "Lava bomb" flies through roof of Hawaii tour boat, injuring 23
• Mayor: Coin-flip arrest by officers 'inexcusable'

•  More People Use a Gun in Self-Defense Each Year Than Die in Car Accidents
•  Microsoft Threatens Trump on Middle-Class Visa Outsourcing
•  Trump was doing no more than stating the obvious about May's Brexit plan
•  Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic
•  We've been promised it before but could this be the viable flying car?
•  Borat has gone too far this time; mocking disabled American Veterans.
•  Inventor Wins Free Speech Battle with DOJ to Distribute 3D-Printed Gun Designs
•  The coming 'labor shortage' in America is great news for workers
•  Backlash building to cashless movement
•  MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them.
•  Failed Democrat Candidate Rao Has 'Given Up on White People'
•  The state of New Jersey just signed its own death warrant
•  University Study Proves Without a Doubt that Your Phone is Spying On You
•  How smart TVs in millions of U.S. homes track more than what's on tonight
•  Report: Save the Oceans - Stop Recycling Plastic
•  Prosecutors have way too much power: 'Even a blind person' can see Mueller using Manafort to try to get Trump
•  Even an heroic police arrival time like this one was not soon enough to prevent tragedy in MD newsroom
•  Conservatives push Trump on Supreme Court nomination
•  Google, Facebook Fighting California's Privacy Rights Initiative
•  Media Turning Trump Voters into Public Enemy No. 1
•  The NSA's Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities
•  The Biggest Digital Heist in History Isn't Over Yet
•  Russian website for U.S. readers tries to turn the nation upon itself
•  Supreme Court rules that police generally need a warrant to access cell phone data
•  47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn 'Editors, CEOs': 'You Are Complicit' in Hate Group 'Defamation'
•  Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech
•  People are getting loans to pay for their vacations
•  Hackers just stole $30 million from the world's sixth largest crypto exchange
•  Trial begins for man alleging Roundup weed killer caused his cancer
•  Porsche Links

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