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Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 18:06 UTC

• Outcry after Border Patrol arrests bus passenger without ID
• Americans killed in attack on hotel: Official
• Sister of doctor detained after 40 years in U.S.: "He doesn't even speak Polish"
• Tillerson presses Europe on Iran deal
• Missing man prompts water emergency in Calif. county
• Johnson & Johnson loses $10.7B after tax changes
• Man suspected of dismembering and cooking his ex-wife
• Huge pay package for Musk at Tesla with big goals
• Canadian prime minister announces trade agreement without U.S.
• France: Why is US pressuring Europe on Iran deal?

•  Davos CEOs' optimism booms on Trump tax cuts
24 percent last year, 59 percent this year expressed confidence in the economy
•  Republicans Have Four Easy Ways to Release The Memo
•  Adulthood now begins at 24, say scientists
•  "Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"
•  Caddell on Shutdown: Democrats Have 'Lost Control of Their Base'
•  "People with flu generate infectious aerosols even when they are not coughing"
•  Trump Announces 2017 Fake News Award Winners
•  Mildly amusing but the real story here is that SMG knows how to take a great selfie!
•  Mitch McConnell Ignores National Reciprocity for 45th Consecutive Week
•  Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama's legacy.
•  Big Brother on wheels
•  A President can issue an executive memo to cancel what a previous president established in the exact same fashion
•  Antitrust should be used to break up partisan tech giants like Facebook, Google
•  Amazon's creepy plan to put a camera and microphone in every BEDROOM
•  Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Slams Federal Judge's 'Offensive' Comments, Declares DACA Unconstitutional
•  HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post Online"
•  Sullivan, again the voice of reason: It's Time to Resist the Excesses of #MeToo
•  The police officer should also be charged with a crime in this sad, preventable case
•  And there you have it; the official excuse to blame Trump in case there is a govt. shutdown
•  Florida man, 20, claims quarter-of-a-billion Dollars in Mega Millions jackpot
•  Haiti is a perfectly lovely country and the jewel of the Caribbean, that's why so many Americans vacation there
•  Democrats Humiliate Themselves With Their Own Study On Illegal Online Gun Sales
•  Huma Can't Give Up Weiner; Divorce Called Off
•  Switzerland Rejects Citizenship Bids of Residents Who Have Been on Welfare
•  Trump Cuts The Gordian Knot Of Foreign Entanglements
•  Exposed: Corrupt Bureau of Land Management Tried to Railroad Cliven Bundy
•  Original Clinton Memo Revealed, Shows Deletions Of Felony Evidence
•  What Fitbit's 6 billion nights of sleep data reveals about us
•  "Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome!" "Democrats Need The Votes!"
•  Boston Police Detective Accused Of Making False Statements To TSA
•  ICE Dir Promises Doubling of Officers After 'Sanctuary' Law Signed
•  Scientists Find Alzheimer's Treatment While Trying To Cure Diabetes
•  Headlines Like These are Why Trump Isn't Worried
•  Trump delivering on vow to shrink govt
•  Grieving mother asks: "What gives the cops the right to open fire?"
•  Streaming becomes mainstream as cord-cutting accelerates
•  This Is What Happens When A Russiagate Skeptic Debates A Professional Russiagater
•  Pew: Trump media three times more negative than for Obama, just 5 percent positive
•  Mistrial Declared in Bundy Armed Standoff Case
•  United Airlines Bumps Woman from First Class Seat to Make Room for Democrat Congresswoman
•  'Our kids were just so ungrateful': Why some families are boycotting presents this year
•  Delingpole: Christmas Is Here, Everyone! EPA Officials Are 'Leaving in Droves'
•  The Virus That Kills Drug-Resistant Superbugs
•  Porsche Links

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